Cricket Performance Lab Technology

World First Cricket Launch Monitor

The most intriguing piece of technology at CPL, the launch monitor allows for measurement of launch angle, exit velocity, how far the ball has been hit and much more.
Powered by Kookaburra Cricket, Stance Beam provides bat delivery data to assist with launch monitor data.
3D Motion Capture that provides coaches with information about how the body moves, caused by the cricket bat’s movements.
The first ground reaction force measurement in Australia, analysing how ground force movements affect shot performance.

Hack Attack Bowling Machine

A 150 real cricket ball self feeder that delivers the ball at a realistic release point that is able to replicate variations of deliveries that batters face on gameday.

Video Replay System

A live replay screen that captures every piece of action on delay, allowing for immediate feedback of each shot within the session.
Not often associated with the sport of cricket, the vision charts provide a point of difference through the use of different shapes, colors and numbers - assisting athletes in making fast and clear decisions.
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The most accurate speed detection device available, the Pocket Radar speed gun automatically finds the fastest speed of a delivery.
For the past 20 years, cricket has been deprived of the leading technology that sports such as golf and baseball have had access to.

With a desire to innovate the way cricketers improve and train, Chris and Shannon sought out Baseball Performance Lab founder Liam Mucklow. Through his experience in implementing technology for both baseball and golf, Liam was able to help assist in identifying the required instruments to make Cricket Performance Lab the most technologically advanced cricket centre in the world.

For the first time ever, the local cricketer now has access to cricket technology and information that previously only the elite get access to.

The technology matrix used allows both coaches and players to measure the full feedback loop of performance. Therefore, we can determine the cause and effect of changes to both technique and equipment – something cricket has never seen before.

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